Products »Tea Cleaning System (Under License from Mr Chandy John, Bangalore)

Tea Cleaning System (for separation and removal of impurities) Under License from Mr Chandy John, Bangalore

Horizontal Rotary Drum Type Tea Blending Machines

  • Tea cleaning plants are available for separating and removing common impurities that are heavier than Tea, like sand, stones, plastic, glass, rubber, all kinds of small & large non-magnetic tramp metal pieces like, brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, etc., magnetic impurities, found in Tea, like iron and rust powder non-magnetic and common impurities found in Tea that are lighter than Tea, like dust, Tea fluff, jute & cotton fibres, hair (both human and animal), etc.. This Tea cleaning system is completely different from the conventional mechanical de-stoners commonly used in the food grain and seed trade. It is possible to have either an independent stand alone Tea cleaning system comprising of a de-stoner cum de-duster, or a de-stoner only, or a Tea cleaning system integrated with either type of Tea blending systems, such that the two systems work together in-line. Similarly, a Tea batch blending system together with a Tea cleaning system can be integrated with either type of Tea blending systems such that the three systems are integrated and work together all in-line, OP and OP1 grade Teas

  • Tea cleaning plants of any capacity up to 10 tons per hour is available

Equipment for separating and removing impurities lighter than Tea
Equipment for separating and removing impurities heavier than Tea