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Fall Protection System

The Safety of all Direct and Indirect Workmen while inside the Premises of the Factory is the responsibility of the Principal Employer or Owner.

Bulk Loading and Unloading of Trucks is a major activity in all FMCG Factories.

To facilitate Efficient and Safe operations involving Open Body Trucks, it becomes essential to provide the Workman responsible for removing the Tarpaulin Cover, with a ergonomic method of reaching the top of the Truck.

While at work, he needs to be able to reach the corners without fear of slipping off the unequal surface of a loaded Truck.

The Fall Protection Facility we provide takes care of the Operator by giving him a comfortable Step Ladder access to the top of Truck level.

A hinged platform provides a safe access to the top of the Truck body AFTER he is secured to Life Line with Safety Harness. This Life Line is a proven equipment to ensure that in the event the Workman does slip during his activity, he will not get injured. He will be suspended in the Harness till his Co-workers release him by using auxillary ladder or other equipment without any urgency.

This Facility is available with Covered Roof or Open to Sky option as per User preference.

Two Truck or Single Truck facility is also a choice available.

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