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Pulse Jet Air Pollution Control

These are Hi-Efficiency Air-Particulate separation equipment and can operate under negative or
positive air pressure. The key to their successful operation is the selection of filter media and
optimum surface area of the fabric. Operation cost is related to the pressure drop across the
coated fabric and experience is required to achieve a balance between capital cost and operating cost.

Dust laden air enters the bag from the outer surface and builds up a layer called "Cake". Once the ideal cake thickness develops, the cleaning cycle starts, using a Pulse Jet of clean compressed air from the clean inner side of the Bag towards the outer. In case of a heavy and abrasive dust loading or if long and stringy particles are likely to be part of the dust load, a Cyclone Separator is installed before the Bag Filter. Pre-separation of larger particles helps prevent choking of the outlet valve of the Bag Filter itself apart from increasing media life.

Bag housings are available in modules which typically handle air flow rate ( NM^3/hr ) of 3400, 6700, 10000, 16500. Larger units are built using a combination of these modules and help in maintaining a standardized component spare inventory. Collected particulate matter can be discharged into containers or sacks for re-use or disposal through a Rotary Air-Lock valve or a Slide Valve. Filer media is of felted fabric type and is supported on circular metallic cages arranged in a grid formation. Access for maintenance is from the top of the Housing as a standard. Side access is available in custom built units.