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Cyclone Air Pollution

In case of a heavy and abrasive dust loading or if long and stringy particles are likely to be part of the dust load, a Cyclone Separator is installed before the Bag Filter. Pre-separation of larger particles helps prevent choking of the outlet valve of the Bag Filter itself apart from increasing media life.

The unit is available in Mild Steel generally and in Stainless Steel for corrosive and sticky particulate separation. For highly abrasive dust, the inner surface is lined with wear resistant material to increase life.

As the name suggests, separation takes place due to the "Cyclonic" effect created inside the chamber, by directing the high speed airflow into a spiraling path. High density particulates lose their energy while making contact with the circular surface of the unit, while the relatively clean air moves out to the low pressure zone.

This equipment has a low separation efficiency and is not recommended as an individual final air cleaning device for fine dusts.

Higher efficiency Cyclones are built using a bank of individual cyclones with a common header for dust in and dust out.

Collected dust is delivered into containers through airlock devices such as Rotary Valves, Double Flap valves or plain slide gates.