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Pre Validated Air Pollution Control
Cost Effective Dust Extraction Technology

The basic process of Dry Dust Collection Systems are common for all Manufacturers’ of these Equipment. When selecting a source for your Plant, the focus needs to be on the Operating Cost instead of the Capital Cost.

Cost of Ownership:

What are the factors which make up the Operating cost? In order of priority, these comprise Induced Draft Fan ( IDF ) electric power consumption, Compressed Air consumption and Preventive Maintenance expense.

IDF power is a directly proportional to the Air Volume evacuated and the Duct Line Resistance. Selection of these two critical parameters is often done using data published in Hand Books or past Experience. While both these procedures are valid, experience will also show that every Customer’s application is unique and needs a validation before implementation.

Compressed Air is the standard process for Reverse Pulse Purging the Filter Bags for most manufacturers all over the world. This Utility resource is not given the importance it deserves, although it is also power intensive to generate.

Right first Time parameter selection:

  • Simulation of the User actual Dust Generation process will allow selection of correct Pickup Velocity and Duct Velocity for optimum Air Volume evacuation.

  • Checking of Pressure Drop in various sections of the Duct Line with varying air velocity, also provides a more accurate method of arriving at a realistic Line Resistance.

  • Use of Compressed Air for Purging, on a “Need Basis only” will ensure that this valuable Utility is very efficiently economised.

How to be Right at Pre Engineering Stage?

  • Use our available Laboratory facility to create a process near to actual condition

  • Experiment with different Enclosure concepts to arrive at the optimum Air Volume.

  • Validate the Filter Media suitability for your Dust Particulates at varying Concentration levels.

  • Check emission at clean air side meets your Industry Norm

  • See how Leak Proof and Need Based procedures will reduce the actual Compressed Air you will need for normal production.