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EN Masse Chain Conveyors

This equipment is a type of Flight Conveyor is used for either a hot Bulk material or dusty product for which a conventional Belt conveyor is not suitable.

The conveying is achieved in a steel trough with either one or two strands of Steel Chain pushing a "mass" of material inside. Typical applications is in the area of Grain, Ash and similar product which interlock themselves and thus build up a higher depth in the trough.

The pulling element is usually a Forged Steel Sidebar type chain with special profile to ensure product does not get caught between the sprocket and chain at turning points.

For specific application Round Link Chains are imported along with attachments to meet the need for high wear life in difficult conditions.

Flights are fabricated in Mild Steel or Stainless Steel and provided features to ensure self cleaning and economical life.

Casing is equipped with replaceable liners to reduce replacement cost while handling abrasive or corrosive product.