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Pulse Jet Air Pollution Control

These are Hi-Efficiency Air-Particulate separation equipment and can operate under negative or
positive air pressure. The key to their successful operation is the selection of filter media. ..... Read more


Pre Validated Air Pollution Control

What are the factors which make up the Operating cost? In order of priority, these comprise Induced Draft Fan ( IDF ) electric power consumption, Compressed Air consumption and Preventive Maintenance expense.....Read more

Cyclone Air Pollution Control

In case of a heavy and abrasive dust loading or if long and stringy particles are likely to be part of the dust load, a Cyclone Separator is installed before the Bag Filter........Read more

Static Bag Air Pollution Control

The Camber represents the pre load deflection of the cantilever Wheel bracket assembly while the Yaw induces the drag that occurs when the Aircraft changes direction during ground motion..... Read more